O dveh testizih

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Nič kaj takega, kar bi bilo zares zanimivo.

Klemen, Primož. Testirava burgerje. Iščeva najboljši hamburger v Ljubljani in okolici. Nisva profesionalca v tem, zakaj bi bila. Recenzije berite v revijah. Blog lahko piše že vsak.
Imava pa rada burgerje in to šteje.

2 comments to O dveh testizih

  • Martin  says:

    Dear Klemen and Primož,

    As you may have seen, our Ljubljana locals have selected your blog as one of the best in the city:
    We have also promoted you on Facebook & Twitter.

    This article is part of our “Ljubljana City of the Week” campaign. Our app with tips by our locals is available for free during this week. A share would be much appreciated by our locals!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Primoz  says:

    Dear Martin!
    We are really honored to be part of this!
    Funny how many fun things happenes just eating a hamburgers and writing about them :)

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